Rosary Novena continued



The Joyous Mysteries Novena

I needed my rest last night, so I did not get to my novena until about 6:00 in the morning today. I entered the rose garden and invoked all the angels, as my mind rested on the reflections of the Annunciation. I moved through the decade to come, to the mystery of Mary and Elizabeth. The Visitation is that moment of Mary coming to visit Elizabeth and in seeing each other, their babies that filled their wombs jumped with joy. Elizabeth, like all good friends, totally can see who Mary is and immediately gives her recognition with her words “ Blessed art thou among all women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb”, which is also the second line of the prayer “Hail Mary”.

The first line of Hail Mary is the Angel Gabriels words to Mary at the Annunciation. The mystery of the Visitation can be directed through prayer in finding spiritual friendships, as Ariel, my rosary teacher, use to say. We all need to find our community when we are walking the Spiritual Path. The people who are wise, compassionate and get who we are. This is a great gift on the spiritual path. Yes, there are those times we need to walk alone and dig deeper into our own inner process to advance ahead, but we are human and we also need companionship and support along the way. The Mystery of the Visitation is just the deep connection of soul friendships.

I moved on to the Mystery of the Nativity. It was in the space between my breath and my prayer that a vision occurred within me. I saw Baby Jesus within me, shinning brightly between my womb and solar plexus. He was a golden radiant light! I sighed for a moment. I fell into this sacred moment. Jesus was not completely bound in his swaddling clothes, but still was not fully free from his bindings. I thought to myself, “This is the state of my own inner child not completely free but in the process of discovering my freedom.” The inner child in all of us is the very Source of our inspiration our creativity.

The vision continues, the Holy Family is near. The Nurturing Mother and the Gentle Father that leans on his staff and gives his family support. This is one of the most powerful archetypes in the Rosary… to heal one’s self from the traumas that have happened in your own family lineage. We may ask ourselves… what is the reason for so much family separation in today’s culture? We take this moment and look at ourselves, we look closely at our physiological issues that happened as children.

There is a possibility, when working with this archetype of the Holy Family, that we can re-learn how to mother and father ourselves. We can learn to nurture and protect that that inner child. The Mystery of the Nativity is a very powerful way to work within your own Sacred Heart. You allow yourself to become your own Loving Mother and your own Supportive Father. We re-parent ourselves to become the Illuminated Inner Child. When this happens, we have full access to our creativity and to our purpose in the world.

My Prayer Today:

“May the Radiant Baby Jesus find a room in the INN…our Inner Heart. May we nurture that Inner Child. May we be supported by our own Inner Child with Unconditional Love. May that Unconditional Love be extended towards our Earthly Mother and Father, No matter what took place, No matter what happened! “

Visualization Meditation:

Remember that no matter what took place, this incarnation is a gift from your parents. It is on this ground that we can re-establish the love in our hearts for our physical parents. It is on this ground that we can mend the broken parts in our lineage that were not understood by our parents, or grand parents or their great great grand parents.

We heal our ancestors though establishing that Love in our Blood-lineage. We view the parts in our lineage where the Love Flow was broken. When we see this clearly and with an open heart, we can slowly and gentle return the karmic patterns that we have carried for our parents and our ancestors. We gently place those patterns at their feet . We return these burdens and gently say “As a child, out of my love for you, I took on your fate. This fate has grown to heavy for me to carry. I no longer can carry the fate of my lineage. I do this out of love for myself, without cutting off my love for you, my parents and ancestors. I allow the Love Now to flow back into my lineage where it has been broken. I honor my parents and my lineage, for they have given me this precious gift of life.
Then you can ask from your Ancestors “Please give me your blessings (And if you have children or grandchildren) and see that the Ancestral Blessing flows to them also”. It is done. Ask your ancestors leave your field. Breathe and gentle return to seeing the Holy Family in your Inner Heart, fully loved and accepted.

The Visualization Meditation has been inspired by Burt Hellinger’s Family Constellation work but is not associated with his work.

The first image today is the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth layer over a Double Delight Garden Rose from my own garden. The Christ child image is laid over a bright golden dandelion.

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