Christmas Novena



The Sorrowful Mysteries

My process doing this Christmas Novena for the Way of the Rose, has been intensified each day. I feel the reason for this is because each  person in the group is also holding energy with their own rosary practice or their attention of reading everyone’s post each day. I thank you for this because it has been a deepening for me and has been a profound step forward on my own path. I want to specially thank Perdita Finn and Clark Strand for creating this platform of prayer, so that we can all participate here with each other’s reflections. Also during this Novena Global Pilgrimage another on-line Facebook group has carried prayers to  Sacred Sites around the world. It is the ninth year we have gone to Notre Dame in Paris carrying hundreds of peoples prayers to the prayer box which is there each Christmas. I am so grateful to be a part of this.

In saying this, I ask that the Divine Mother will unfold her starry mantel of healing around each one of you. May she listen to each person’s deepest heart prayer, and may those prayers be answered in such away, that all doubts and disappointments that one may have can disappear like clouds in a clear blue sky.
And with this all said, I have no sorrow today for everything we have gone through on this path of life has been a step for our personal transformation. Each step has the opportunity to open us deeper into Unconditional Love. No matter how crooked one’s path may look, each path has been designed specifically for our own Awakening. May we deepen, May we understand, May we heal together from life times of misunderstanding of the Holy Word. May our Inner Heart have revelations of the Truth. May the Passion of Christ inflame each one of us to become a Living Spiritual Vessel. May we realize our Wholeness and walk forward into this New Year with new vigor and purpose. Blessed Mary and the Christos that lives in each one of us, hear these prayers. Amen.

The image is layered, by the magic of photoshop. The first layer is rose beads I made from the petals of roses. The second layer is a statue of Christ in the Mission of St. Barbara, Calif. where the Magdalene is at his feet. The candles are a photo I took at the oldest Lady Guadalupe Church in the USA.

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