Singing Stones


I came across this story I wrote in 1982. I had just began to understand that I liked to write.  I have moved around so much in my life that I thought this story got lost at the way-side. But last year clearing away my late mother’s belongings I found this story I had written. My mother typed up the story for me because I did not have a type-writer in those days. The story is a teaching of how to be a  Care-Taker of your Soul and Mother Earth. This little story is an initiation through the Stone People’s simple messages.   The story is as  relevant today as it was 36 years ago.   And thanks Mom for saving all the things that were important. ❤

Tear Drops from Heaven.

When the Great Creator was making the Earth there were twelve curious angels who could not wait to see the destiny of this brand new planet.
They decided to go to the Book of Life, where all things are written and read ahead, to see what God’s plan was. They read about the waters and the making of the herbs, trees, and plant life. They came to the part where God put all different types of creatures on the Earth…the fish, the four-legged, the winged ones and all the creepy-crawlies. The angels thought to themselves, “What a blessed place this will be and how perfect is God’s Creation.

The angels came to the part about the creation of humans and God giving them the job of being caretakers of all the beautiful things on Earth. “What a grand job that would be.” One of the angels said.

Reading on in the Book of Life they saw that God honored humans even more by giving them free will. “This is the greatest gift that God could give humans,” another angel said.

The angels started to read the history of humankind and became very sad when they saw how humans would misuse God’s gift of free will. They became even sadder when they saw that humans would become full of hate, not only for their fellow humans, but they also would begin to feel they were far superior over all things in Creation.

The angels saw how humans mistreated the animals and was so full of greed that they took more than they needed from Mother Earth without ever saying Thank You. Humans felt separated from the Earth’s plant life, waters, animals, even his own species. What a sad state of affairs Mother Earth was in.

The angels started to cry from all they had seen in the Book of Life. One angel asked “Why would humans want to turn their back on God’s beautiful creation?” The angels could not understand why humans became so foolish. Tears welled up from the depths of their celestial bodies. The tear drops fell from heaven and seeped into the fertile soil just created by God. Each tear drop became a precious stone and locked in each stone was a secret from heaven. Each angel cried a different type of precious stone.

The Great Creator saw the twelve curious angels crying over the Book of Life and asked, “Why is my heavenly band crying?” The angels explained that they had read ahead in the Book to see what Earth would be like. The Great Creator hovering over the angels, said, “Fear not because out of all this, humans will someday realize their mistakes and return to me. You have helped already by adding your own gifts to Mother Earth.” The angels looked up from their tears and saw that they had turned into precious stones. The Great Creator also shed tears for humanity and they became the most precious stones of all, so clear that as the sunlight shone through them while they fell to the Earth, they made rainbows. They sunk deep into the Earth’s crust.

God’s tears became all the diamonds of the Earth and the Angel’s tears became twelve stones aquamarine, opal, bloodstone, turquoise, smokey quartz, moonstone, rose quartz, amber, amethyst, emerald, topaz, and sapphire, Locked within each stone was a lesson and a teaching of heaven. This is how it all began.

The following links are each Singing Stones message….

Aquamarine,  BloodstoneAmberRose QuartzMoonstoneopalTurquoise,Smokey QuartzEmeraldAmethystTopazDiamond

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