It was not so long ago I was working in the gardens at a Silent Retreat. When the day had ended I laid in bed allowing my body to rest after a long day of digging and planting. As I laid there I drifted in a semi dream state…There at the edge of my bed I had a vision of Divine Feminine made of clay….I heard the name Pacha-mama even though I was not familiar with this aspect of the Goddess. The vision also looked like Guadalupe made from clay….She was this Sacred Land I had my hands in that day digging in the Earth. I had been carelessly thrown clumps of clay over the embankment that day replacing it with fertile soil for an herb garden I was making. I realized the clay I had cast aside was calling me. The next morning I woke up gathered up the clay and put it in a bucket to take home. Now adays I add different healing clays to the baths I have been creating. Healing clay pulls out the toxins in our bodies that we have accumulated by living in a over polluted environment. I went to meditation the next morning and afterwards I found out that the land had been dedicated to Guadalupe. This Earth is speaking to us…she holds secrets for our healing. Some may call her Pacha-mama…some may call her the Virgin Mary….and there are those who call her Our Lady Guadalupe or White Buffalo Woman. But she calling us to listen…her compassion is all encompassing and has no borders. We plant one seed in the soil and she increases it a 100 fold….She is our Mother…married to the Infinite Light of the Sun…together with the Elemental forces of Water. Fire, Wind, and Earth we know life…if we are conscious or unconscious of these Sacred Forces they effect all of us…and should be honored in all things we do…..I carelessly casted aside the clay that day to be reminded this also has healing properties and should be honored……Madonna reflection in the Grotto Gardens in Portland Oregon

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