The Sylphs…….The Spirits of Air

We fly through the air with the greatest of ease. We are the sylphs and we come on the breeze. We are the breath you breathe in and out – this is our story and what we’re about.
We come in many disguises. We are the gale that blows strong. We are the gentle breeze that caresses the cheek. We are the whirlwind and we are here to speak.
Air heads you can call us. For we are connected to the element of thought. And as man/woman thinketh, so does the Earth atmosphere reflect and you can see there has been quite an effect.
It is time to listen and listen you must, for we are the element of air and you are blowing holes in our crust. Poisons and pollutants have been building. You see these things can be choking – even to a good breeze. Think of your children, what will they do if the breath of life can not run through? It is time for some action, for things are getting bleak. We give you this greeting so listen as we speak.
The power of thought and the power of the word is what began all of creation: First there was the Word, “Let there be Light and with that Light let there be Love … and with that Love all things began. We the element of air rushed forward and clothed the thought forms with our spiritual substance.
How polluted are your thoughts? If you could look from on high and see the clouds of darkness that float in the sky. There are dark clouds of war when they could be light clouds of peace. There is the air of prejudice and clouds of despair. It is high time we all clear the air. We are just reflecting like a mirror, won’t you see? Centuries and centuries of thought forms that are out of harmony. It all could be different, it is really up to you. When thoughts are filled with love, all things can be made anew. We are coming to a crescendo. It’s time to take heart and change the way you are thinking – then even the clouds will part. For every cloud has a silver lining, dark as it may be. Let people join together and bring forth thoughts of harmony. Now that’s a good idea! Work to clean the air and things can actually change. But first start with your own thoughts, and this is what we have explained. We can be light-hearted and we do like to play, so watch for our heavenly bodies in the clouds that float your way. Raise your thoughts to the air. Open your mind and let our inspiration run through … for we are the sylphs and this we give to you.

june 086

The Purity of the Unicorn Cloud above Menton, South of France.


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