Flower Press Creations

Life from Out of my Flower Press

This summer I have been creating press flowers.  The Spirit of Nature shines through this creation.  When I am working I look for faces in the flowers which are already there I just arrange the petals in such a way that others can see what is usually hidden.  All of this is done on my kitchen table on watercolor paper, tweezers and a non toxic coating to preserve the flowers. The images make themselves and it fall in place with life events or what is happening in my moment…Art is such a wonderful process for my growth and learning life’s lessons….

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  1. Love these. In Japanese flower arrangement I was taught to look for the face of the flower. Sweet. This is ether.


  2. Love these. I’m drying flowers too. Thinking of making cards. What kind of coating do you use? Thanks. Deva Sadhvi


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