Our Lady Star of the Sea Shrine

I wanted to share with Global Pilgrimage a few experiences I have been having visiting several outdoor shrines here in Oregon, usually when I am on motorcycle rides with my husband. When I lived in France, I often visited wayside shrines off the beaten track. What I experienced was many shrines felt dormant until someone came along and made a prayer offering. The pray offering activated the shrine to come alive once again. This summer I visited Our Lady Star of the Sea at Rockaway Beach on the Northern, Oregon Coast. She was very activated because fisherman, surfers, mother’s with children and Catholics all seem to visit Our Lady Star of the Sea. This shrine is actually the closest shrine to the ocean in the USA. When you look out to the sea from the shine there are two very large Ley-line rocks in the ocean just left from the shrine. One rock actually has a natural door way made by the waves. That night I had a dream of Our Lady Star of the Sea and she should me in my dream-world how her protection stretched down the Coast line all the way down California. Since this dream I have been traveling to shrines through out Oregon and down the Calif. Coast. Many of these shrines are rarely visited and some have been forgotten. It has been a wonderful experience for me to go somewhere out in the middle of no where and a find shrine. Our prayers registered in such places. They actually can bring back the sacred into the land. There was once an old tradition that a shrine in a community was used by the people to make prayer petitions, asks for Blessings on the harvest and even for miracles. Finding wayside shrines is like a treasure hunt waiting to be discovered. I hope some of you will join into the treasure hunt and post what is in your community also. I will be posting some of Oregons wayside shrines for the next few weeksP.S. Any of you that would like to make or buy St. Joseph Bread to give to those in need, please contact me before March 19th our next Global Pilgrimage event is creating St Joseph Bread Altars, which we post on Gloabal Pilgrimage . If you do not bake bread you could also give food or clothing. As of now I have 8 people who have committed to this event.

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