Bread Miracles

I said I would share some of the bread miracles I have come across and this is one of my favorite ones:My girlfriend Christy, affectionately called Kiki, family comes from the Azores Islands. Christy was raised in the tradition of the Holy Ghost Society. Her Grandmother, they called Vau Vau, (Portuguese for Grandmother,) and Christy’s Aunt introduced her to the Azorean Holy Ghost traditions. Christy is a very good story teller and I love to hear the stories about her grandmother Germana Silvera Sarmento. Christy’s Aunt at one point became very sick . Grandmother Germana prayed to God. She made a promise that if God cured her daughter she would go back to the Azores and feed everyone in her village. Germana’s prayers were answered and Christy’s aunt recovered. And Germana returned to the Azores and went to work fulfilling the promise she had made to God. She began by having five steers butcher, and baking enough bread to fill a wagon. Christy speaks of the beautiful lace tablecloths that were made for the meal and the different foods that were prepared. Everyone in the village was fed! There is a tradition in the Azores of feeding the people. This began with Queen Isabelle feeding loaves of bread to the poor in Portugal.

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