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The Hidden Magdalene 
in the Tarot de Marseille
By Raylene Abbott
Below is sample from the book


The Tarot of Marseille was purposely past down through the Royal Courts of Europe as a card game, and for those who had the eyes to see, could extract this hidden Magdalene heresy, so it would not be forgotten.

This heresy was well known in the Courts of the Troubadours in the Province of Languedoc. A coded language was spoken that used multiple puns, double entendre in their songs, poetry and verse. This language was called by different names such as the “Language of the Birds,” the “Green Language,” “langure verte” or “Twilight Language”. Legend says that this language was understood by King Solomon and his dark skin consort the Queen of Sheba. This “pun language” can also be found in the Tarot of Marseille.

Decoding the Tarot of Marseille

In the following, I share my insights and revelations as they relate to my decoding of the Tarot Marseille. In this sharing, I elaborate on the meaning and significance of heresy symbols from the Tarot Marseille deck, not the traditional meaning of the Tarot. Sometimes this is done with one card, while other times it is done with the juxtaposition of two or more cards; a juxtaposition that ultimately reveals the more encompassing and deeper hidden messages.


The Tarot of Marseille used in the book.

There have been different publications of the Tarot of Marseilles that have been reproduced in Europe down through the ages. For my purpose here, I will be using the Major Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille by John Noblet, that has been re-created by Pennie Mc Cracker of “Endless Skies”. Her website is Here if you would like to purchase a deck. Pennie used the original version of the Marseille Tarot, which was published in Paris in the year of 1650, by master card-maker Jean Noblet.

I have also used Claude Burdel’s Tarot to illustrate this book. Burdel’s tarot deck was made in Switzerland in the year of 1727, which originated from Hand-colored woodcuts. This Tarot deck was gifted by Carl A. Weyerhaeuser to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I would like to thank Minneapolis Institute of Art for the curtesy of allowing me to use these woodcut images from their archives.




Pennie McCracken beautiful Tarot de Marseille
Is what I have used to decoded this book. 



History of the Tarot and Theories of its Significance


The Moon, Lovers and Judgement II

Claude Burdel’s Tarot 1751





When you bring your eyes to the lower part these cards, you will see each card also has three figures.When you see similarity in the different Tarot cards,this is a “heresy clue” that these cards need to be read together.  For the purpose of this discussion,it is useful to view the hidden meanings behind the three cards and to see the overall, symbolic narrative, as to what is being conveyed collectively.

The Moon Card is showing a solar eclipse.  In ancient times, this was known as Hieros Gamos or the Sacred Marriage.  This marriage,which is represented by the Sun and Moon coming together as a solar eclipse,is the symbol of the Goddess/Queen mating with the Sacred King.The King would marry the Goddess of the Land,in the form of his Queen.

The feminine was represented by the Moon and the masculine by the Sun.This holy union’s purpose was to assure that the land would be fertile.  Fertile land provided wealth to the Kingdom and this wealth was meant to bless the kingdom and its people, but if the crops failed,or the land lost its fertility, the people would blame the king for his impotency and his conduct. Because of this belief, there were even times when they would make a blood sacrifice of the King. This Pagan King Killing Sacrifice might be one of the many reasons why the Jews gave Jesus Christ up to the Romans for crucifixion.  They were looking for a blood sacrifice of a King and Jesus fit that role because he came from the royal bloodline of the Jewish Kings. Rome at the time of Jesus was a blend of many different religious beliefs and cultures.The Jewish people during this time were suffering under Roman rule,and it was not un-common to sacrifice a “Caesar King” in Rome because the kingdom was not running correctly. This Pagan Roman belief might have influenced the Jewish pharisees to give Jesus over to the Romans.

The image of the crayfish on the Moon card is also found on the Western stone facade of Notre Dame in Paris. The following account is primarily excerpted from my book.

“As I stood in the front of Notre Dame in Paris, while looking at the left door of the Cathedral,  I noticed a stone relief with a crayfish.The crayfish on the stone relief is just like the crayfish on the Moon Card of the Tarot.It is my perspective and some theorists that the face of the wall of Notre Dame is representative of the Lunar Great Goddess Isis. The crayfish in the Tarot appears to be hiding in the depths of the water. Perhaps it cannot leave its watery domain because there are two angry dogs, which represent King Philip of France and the Church.

When I first saw this carving of the crayfish on the wall of Notre Dame, it was right next to an image of Mary Magdalene and a rose vine. The rose is the symbol not only of the Virgin Mary, but Magdalene’s bloodline was referred to as the Rose-line. Notice that a man is peaking around the conner looking at Magdalene .He is hiding. This is a clue to look deeper into what is hidden in the stone relief.

Notice how the woman in the image stands directly on the root of the tree.This is a symbol that Magdalene is the root of the Merovingian Lineage. The lily is the flower of the Virgin Mary and the triple lily in the stone relief is the symbol for the Mother Lineage. This female lineage began with Saint Anne,who was the grandmother of Jesus. It continued thru Mother Mary, who was the mother of Jesus and then through Mary Magdalene,who was the wife of Jesus.  (photos below this post.)

To the right of the crayfish is John the Baptist. He is holding a circle with the image of the sacrificial lamb. The revelation of the heresy behind these images became apparent to me. The Templars were known to have a high regard for John the Baptist. There is a reason for this. John was actually a title for a lineage holder in the Gnostic Tradition. This tradition began with the Johannites. This lineage was then passed to Hughes de Payens, the man that originally formed the Knight Templars. He was given this title by the Holy man Theoclete. Hugh de Payen became the 70th John,in a long line of Johannites,which included John the Baptist, Jesus, John the Apostle and Mary Magdalene. This title of John meant “He of Gnostic Power.”The Cathars also used this titled,but they called a women “Jean” rather than “John”.

The result of the Albiginsian Crusade against the Gnostic Cathars destroyed thousands of people. The Cathars believed that an individual’s direct experience with the Holy Spirit was above the Bible. The Cathars also believed in the blood lineage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ.  This Crusade,which was set in motion by the Pope and the Lords ofNorthern France,just about wiped out the teachings of the Cathars. The Inquisition’s propaganda demoted Mary Magdalene to a prostitute. The Gnostic title “John” was flipped from being a sacred one to referring to a client of a prostitute.

Looking again at the photo of the “Line up of Stone Reliefs,”  you will notice that on the inside wall of the crayfish, there is a stone mason at work. Right below the stone mason is a man who is mixing mortar. The man who is mixing is also the one who is peeking around at the Magdalene stone relief. Both of these images together are a trail of bread crumbs, left by the builders of the Notre Dame. Are these pointing out for us to look even closer,as to what has been hidden in their work?

The Crayfish Symbol in the Tarot;

The crayfish, for example, is really the older image of a crab. The crab is the astrological symbol of Cancer,and Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother,the Lunar Goddess. The lunar eclipse represents the Sacred Marriage .Do you remember the myth of the Goddess Isis and her husband Osiris,who had been cut into 14 pieces? When she was assembling Osiris body again, she lost his penis because it had been eaten by a fish. Christ is said to be born under the sign of Pisces the fish. During the early church’s history and the making of Church doctrine, they were promoting the celibate priest. Why could Christ not be both sexual and a Holy Man? Why would Christ not be married and have children?Christ was a Jew whose religion commanded to go forth and be fruitful. This did not go over well if you are promoting a celibate life style for the clergy. And why celibacy?  The priest or nuns would not have children, so their inheritance would return back to the church. Celibacy was also a part of the culture of Rome. There were the Roman Vestal Virgins and the male Priests of Cybele who were eunuchs. The Catholic Church was built over the foundation of Rome Empire.”

The two towers on the Moon Card are also symbolic.The name Magdala means “Watch Tower.”It is from the Watch Tower you have a “Higher View”.There are also two towers on the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The island ofÎle de la Cité,that Notre Dame is built upon, is known in Paris as “Le Bateau d’Isis,” the Boat of Isis. In the myth of Isis, she navigated down the Nile River looking for the lost body parts of her Beloved Osiris.When she resembled Osiris’s body, she fashioned a lapis lazuli penis and then had sex. She became pregnant with the“Hawk-Eye-God Horus.”When we look through the Eye of Horus,we go beyond duality with the Higher View of Unity. This Egyptian Myth is the prior foundation to the Catholic Sacrement of the Eucharist.

The Catholic Sacrement of the Eucharist is the “the Body of Christos.”The lamb in the circle, which John the Baptist is holding in the stone relief, is the symbol of the Eucharist.The Eucharist is the Communion of Unity.

Christos in Greek means the Cosmic Christ.This goes beyond the form of Jesus Christ, just as the title of John goes beyond the form of the Baptist. John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus Christ through Baptism, just as the experience of “Gnostic Wisdom” prepares the way for us to have the experience of our own Inner Light. When we have this experience, “Christos” can then be viewed as the Spirit of Love. The Spirit of Love lives in everything and every person, beyond religion, culture,and race. The life of Jesus Christ opened the door for us by his example and his own inner realization. The Christos is found in each one of us and also in the Body of Christ that en-compasses everyone on the planet.

Gnostic Wisdom

“Pure thought, fueled with deep longing, is the boat to arrive on to the shores of Divine Presence. But once you arrive, one has to abandon the boat of thought and merge with the experience of the Divine Presence, which is void of thought,pre-conceptions and doctrines. We understand the existence of Higher Divine Intelligence, not through being told what we should believe,but through our own direct experience. Everything short of this is just another person’s perception of how you should experience. This is an individual journey into the uncharted waters of the soul. There have been many saints and holy ones that have left stepping stones and markers along the path…..but in the end,each individual needs their own direct experience.This is when all arguments cease. Nothing needs to be proved because the individual has had the experience”

Back to the towers of Notre Dame, I see two towers that are the archetypes for the Great Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalene. Our Lady of Notre Dame is Mary Magdalene as the Consort of Christ ,like Osiris was the Consort of Isis.The Knight Templars,the builders of the cathedrals, knowingly placed these symbols.The purpose of these hidden symbols,in Sacred Architecture, was for a pilgrim to experience their own revelations.

The Kings of France lived and ruled on the island of Île de la Cité,and it was said that those who were at the helm of this “Boat of Isis” ruled France.This was one reason why,in World War II,the-esoteric Germans,during the occupation of France,set up their head-quarters at the center of Île de la Cité.

King Louie IV connected the “Île de la Cité” to the neighboring island “Ile de Saint Louis” with a bridge.Louie IV also built his own Chapel onIle de Saint Louis.This was Louie IV way of marrying the “Goddess of the Land” in the form ofthe “Cathedral of Notre Dame” to himself,as the Sacred King.He was well aware of this ancient tradition of the Hieros Gamos.


Nortre Dame Paris 2019


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IMG_4967 2


  1. Hi, It is Raylene Abbott you came to my site several months ago..I have made some changes…I would love to email you please drop me a line at rayleneabbott@gmail.com


  2. I was lucky and very happy to be next to you Dear Raylene a few years in Paris. I remember very well healing sessions with flowers mandalas …..The creation of the mandala, the beautiful sung prayers and mantras for the healing of each one in the group around the mandala . Then we shared this healing outside offering the flowers, the petals, to the Seine, near Notre-Dame, or in the streets of Paris… It was very intense moments, great sacred beauty….
    During these years with you Raylene, you brought me deep healings and beautiful teachings which totally changed my life… I always feel deep Gratitude and Love for you when my heart remembers it….
    School Teacher
    Paris, France


  3. Raylene is a treasure. She sees what most of us don’t see. She finds the sacred, the heart of the moment. She turns life’s garden into beauty, something special. Raylene’s work awakens us to life’s possibilities, our potential. There are few people with her talent, wisdom, and generosity of spirit…Those of us who know Raylene are gifted….I encourage people to call her up. Invite Raylene into your life and see what magic you create together….

    Bruce Davis PHD


  4. For many years, I have been familiar with Raylene’s herbal and flower work. While a Minister with First Church of the Angels, we sponsored her teachings which included informative Herbal walks in Tilden Park, workshops on Herbs, and their Deva Protectors, and her fascinating and beautiful flower mandala work. People frequently requested her as a speaker as she knows the real power of flowers and herbs. Her insightful books (international author) with her experience worldwide only enhances her abilities to reach and inspire people worldwide to embrace the world of flowers, herbs, fairies and Angels. Hearing her wisdom and seeing the beauty in her prayers offered through flowers and nature kingdom she creates a must attend event.
    Rev. Jacquelyn Sendak-Zavaleta
    Universal Church of the Masters (& formerly with First Church of the Angels)


  5. Raylene is my Soul Sister, Teacher, and Activator. She has inspired me and supported my deep growth as Priestess of the Goddess for close to 16 years now. She helped me to Re-member the holy Codes that are written everywhere. She opened my eyes, she cleared my ears, she ignited my trust, she lifted the Gate of my throat chakra, she is Mari, she is Morgen, she is Magdalene. She is Presence. She is Deva. She is Divine.

    Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland


  6. Raylene created the *most* gorgeous mandala for our wedding ~ it is pictured above with peacock feathers, roses, and gardenia. From inception to the ‘day of’ ~ Raylene made suggestions how to reflect the spirit of our union in the most authentic way. She guided us in such a way that the mandala was the perfect reflection of our union and our love. Her fairylike presence created a calm and cleared the energy for our ceremony ~ her fierce dragonlike being-ness brought the vibration of the room to a low hum ~ Raylene is a master at her craft, but as importantly, her heart sings with generosity and love.


  7. When Raylene was in Paris, during several years, I met Raylène each sunday, once a month, with my husband to have healing sessions, mandala and talks.
    Today, I still have in my heart the beauty and the peace of those past days !
    Still today, I feel in my cells the power of Raylène’s Presence and Capability of healing, specially with the flowers mandalas.

    Wow … I remember … the wonderful moment of beginning the day.

    Session after session, I had the experience of the power of this moment : make the choice of the flowers I will bring, give them to Raylène, who had so many others flowers ; and then, let it be … Let the hands take the flowers, put the knees down on the floor and arrange the flowers just as the heart, the hands, the inspiration, the intuition, the instinct … the Angels … wanted me to do. According with the work of the Others, also.
    Several years after, I feel in my body how it was powerful for my personal healing. At that moment, it was non conscient. Today, I see how it was true – “juste” as we say in french -, powerful and marvelous. My soul was there, the sweet chant of my soul … The flowers were talking to me, with their kindness – the kindness of Raylène -.
    So many thanks … So present still now in my body, my heart, my souvenir.
    With Love. Paule Paris, France


  8. Raylene abbott is a goldmine, a personn with authentic and accurate god given skills, always willing to share
    knowledge, time or wisdoms. As a french Chef, specialise in Botanic and Culinary and medicinal use of plant,
    she d been an invaluable ressource of both brilliant rational and extra sensitive connection with mother earth and Nature , where her
    uncommon visual spacial intelligence take differents inspirationnal creatives formes (Mandala, Sacred sites of France, Signs of Nature, Uses of Plants )
    I ‘m personally deeply thankful for the patience and compassionate approachs durings the individuals sessions, in which
    she could helped me resolve the most difficult case with crystal clear vision, authentic and accurate god given skills
    which takes into account our difficulties, obstacles and resistance .
    She s a contemporary Mystic with VIP Access to what is commonly hidden to us, connect with the spirit like
    a wandering muse of humility, power and grace .
    Raylene is A Rare radiant Golden roses in the misty winter of our today world, that one’s should’nt hesitate to call up if he want to invite beauty, radiance and changes into his life.
    I bow to You .

    Kevin Coquelle


  9. Raylene has had a profoundly positive influence on my life. We connected several years ago via a mutual friend on Facebook, and quickly discovered a mutual love of making Pilgrimages to the Churches and Shrines of the Feminine Divine; not only to pray for people, but also, to enjoy the energies present in these Holy places, and to download their teachings.

    Raylene has the purest heart of anyone I know. She has an exceptional ability to relate to the Divine in all Its forms, from the tiniest flower petal to the grandest Glory of God; a quality much needed in this time of false prophets and spiritual narcissists.

    I read her book ‘Between the Visions’ very soon after our meeting, and it became my bible. Finally, I had a reference point for my own experiences. Suddenly I could say that like here, I was a modern day Mystic, and I understood that was why I had never been able to find my place in the conventional Church, in worldly achievements, or in the spiritual marketplace of the New Age movement. I felt blessed to have met a true soul-friend who had walked this path before me, and who is still walking it; and who so generously shares her experience, insight and inspiration to all who walk this sacred path.

    I remember one of the first things Raylene said to me, is that she stopped praying for people to find sacred relationships, because they prayer always worked, and then they came back to her later, complaining, saying, ‘Is this how hard it is?!’ She said to me that meeting the Beloved is only the first step; as next comes the purification of aeons of karma, ancestral, personal, and universal….and that is where most people give up. Sacred relating is not all about bliss and ecstasy, whether with a human beloved, or with the Divine; as we have so many wounds and defence mechanisms. The Love that annihilates all falsity is not for the fainthearted, and yet for mystics, it is the only love there is. Without Raylene’s wise and balanced guidance, I too would have given up. She reminds me time and again to return to the empty, loving heart.

    Meeting Raylene has given me the permission to be the mystic I was born to be, and to embrace the elements of Christianity which called to me but which I had rejected as a child in the face of a brimstone Church which was completely at odds with what I knew of God from my mystical feeling. Three days after she prayed on me, a journey began which led me to completely change my life and move to France. Wiithout her prayers, her wisdom and her support, it is unlikely that I would have so willingly embraced the path which led me here to France.

    One of the first things I participated in upon meeting Raylene, was sending prayers to her friend Kevin in Paris, to be placed in the prayer box at the Cathedral of Notre Dame on Christmas eve. I could never have imagined that soon after, I would be living in France myself and becoming a Bishop in a Gnostic church.

    On Valentines Day, 2016, I was Consecrated as an Arch Bishop of the French Gnostic church of the Tres Secret Eglise Du Precieux Sang de La Rose et Croix, at a five hour ceremony in Montparnesse, Paris; almost three years to the day since we first prayed together.

    When I go to Mass in the 12th Century Church in my village, I always touch the Rose Petal Chaplet that Raylene sent to me, light a candle, and feel her presence her with me.

    It’s my dream to walk this sacred land with her beside me one day.

    In July of this year, the Gnostic Church which I am part of, shall hold a World Gnostic Council at the Castle de Mauriac in Toulouse. It is the first time a Gnostic council has been held in 600 years. It is dedicated to the memory of the murdered Cathars.

    It is thanks to Raylene and all her encouragement, that I was able to rejoin this sacred path.

    Sophia Mariamne (Amanda Caza Radcliffe)

    Arch-Bishop of the Tres Secrete Eglise Du Le Precieux Sang,


  10. Hello Raylene, it has been a few years since our beautiful trip to Egypt

    I am the one ( as you put it) with the chiseled features of an ancient pharaoh !

    I want to let you know i treasure our experience in the deepest and must sacred part of my hart and will always do.

    I will love to hear from you

    Eternal love



    • So nice to reconnect with you Juan…..may you be held in the folds of Guadalupe’s robe whose starry mantle protects this continent the same way the Goddess Nuit’s Starry Body protect Europe, Africa and Asia. These Star studded Goddesses are one and the same…


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