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A Humble Weed
Raylene Abbott


You know its spring when you see the sunny heads of the Dandelion poking up its bright yellow heads in the lawns of the Northwest. This humble weed is often unwanted in a picture perfect lawn but the Dandelion “Taraxacum officinale” just might be a life savior of the future. Dandelion is a tough weed it can get poisoned, frozen, stepped on, pulled out of the ground and it still seems to come back strong. In fact it is so strong that it finds its way through hardened earth or even cracks of cement. And what does the Dandelion do once it has passed through such abuse of the world? It becomes a bright yellow flower with petals like sunshine. Then in its final stage it transforms all the extreme growing conditions and becomes a very soft seed puff and with one gentle blow it releases its seeds. You might have noticed that the leaves of this common weed look like the teeth of an angry lion, thus receiving its name. The characteristics of how a plant grows was known as the “Doctrine of Signatures” in the Renaissance. The German doctor Paracelsus known as the “Father of Science” created the theory of the “Doctrine of Signatures”. The Doctrine of Signatures used the plants as archetype by the close observation of root, stem, flower and seed to understand the healing qualities of any given plant.

The root of the Dandelion is an alchemists laboratory for detoxing not only our livers, blood and kidneys, but is now being used as and ecological indicator for environmental toxins world wide.

Dandelion is what I like to call an international herb because it grows in all kinds of conditions and in many different countries. Chinese medicine used it for digestive disorders which would include the liver. They also believed the emotion of anger resides in the liver thus when the liver is properly detoxed repressed anger is released. Something we all could use. This idea reflects as the Dandelion plants archetype of the angry lion’s teeth leaf. The plants ability to break through the hardest cement and the release of the Dandelion blow seeds, “letting it go”.

Middle Eastern herbal medicine used dandelions for both aliments of the spleen and liver. Old European herbalism believed the yellow root herbs were good for liver cleansing. Native Americans used it to cure indigestion and kidney disease. The US West Coast Yurok tribe uses it for skin cancer.

The herbal doctors of India used it as diuretic, skin conditions and also the liver. And in France where the tender young leaves are a cherished spring green bears the name “pissenlit” because of its diuretic qualities.

But today modern Science has its own findings. The root extract of “Taraxacum Officinale” has been found to reduce the cell growth of melanoma from a study at the University of Windsor in Canada. There is a major reduction of melanoma cell growth within a 72 hour period after taking Dandelion extract. Scientific studies have also found that Dandelions reduce cholesterol, regulates blood sugars and reduces inflammation.

Dandelions are being used as environmental indicators for monitoring the effects of pollution in our natural eco-systems. The dandelion seeds produce asexually, which means they do not need to be pollinated and because of this they mutate easily. Today there are a number of factors that cause mutagens in our natural environment. The main ones are mutagenic herbicides, pesticides, and nuclear radiation. And if you look closely at the dandelion and other flowers here in Corvallis you will see a number of mutations. The problem is it takes testing to find the source of what is causing the mutations. Our environment is bombard
with both chemicals and the effects of radiation thus companies can point the finger at each other because there is not a specific understand of who is doing the dirty deed. But if the plants are mutating, then what is happening to our children’s cellular make up? For it is the children, women and the elders that are the first to be effected by mutagens.


Mutation Plants Speak

time to listen

What can we do? Number one: strengthen your and your family’s immune system daily. Grow and buy organically, stop using herbicides and pesticides because if you do it also effects your neighbors because when you spray it is carried on the wind and lands in your neighbor’s yard. If you use chemical fertilizers it is carried into the ground water. And just say no to the new wave of nuclear energy that is being introduced by the corporate world. We were told that a solution to its globally toxic waste would be found 67 years ago. Obviously this won’t happen and our generations to come will inherit its fiendish effects.

Medieval Sacred Flora calls the Danedlion the Eye of Christos.

A lighter note, Dandelion when it is grown in a clean environment and is organic is an excellent spring tonic, salad green and spring stir fry. It is a bitter herb so some people do not enjoy the taste of bitter herbs, but I have created the Dandelion Latte, a delicious way to enjoy Dandelion tea!

Dandelion Latte


Dandelion root, this can be made with Dandelion tea bags or the dry root brought in bulk. I prefer the Roasted Dandelion, but you can also use plain Dandelion Root.

1/ 8 cup of Almond milk, 1 Star Anise, 1 cinnamon stick, honey to sweeten

If you are using bulk, fill a tea ball with enough Dandelion root for one cup of tea,
or use one tea bag per cup of tea. Pour pure boiling water into a cup with the Dandelion root tea ball or bag, cinnamon stick and star anise. Let steep for at least 15 minutes to get the full benefits of the herb. Strain tea and set aside the cinnamon and anise. Strain the brew into a sauce pan and heat it up with almond milk… do not boil, but bring it to the point just before boiling. Now pour it back into the cup and add the star anise, cinnamon stick and sweeten with honey. There will be a little bit left in the sauce pan that you can use for another small serving.



“The following is intended exclusively for educational purposes and is not medical advice before taking any herbs seek the advice of your physician.”


  1. Hi, It is Raylene Abbott you came to my site several months ago..I have made some changes…I would love to email you please drop me a line at rayleneabbott@gmail.com


  2. I was lucky and very happy to be next to you Dear Raylene a few years in Paris. I remember very well healing sessions with flowers mandalas …..The creation of the mandala, the beautiful sung prayers and mantras for the healing of each one in the group around the mandala . Then we shared this healing outside offering the flowers, the petals, to the Seine, near Notre-Dame, or in the streets of Paris… It was very intense moments, great sacred beauty….
    During these years with you Raylene, you brought me deep healings and beautiful teachings which totally changed my life… I always feel deep Gratitude and Love for you when my heart remembers it….
    School Teacher
    Paris, France


  3. Raylene is a treasure. She sees what most of us don’t see. She finds the sacred, the heart of the moment. She turns life’s garden into beauty, something special. Raylene’s work awakens us to life’s possibilities, our potential. There are few people with her talent, wisdom, and generosity of spirit…Those of us who know Raylene are gifted….I encourage people to call her up. Invite Raylene into your life and see what magic you create together….

    Bruce Davis PHD


  4. For many years, I have been familiar with Raylene’s herbal and flower work. While a Minister with First Church of the Angels, we sponsored her teachings which included informative Herbal walks in Tilden Park, workshops on Herbs, and their Deva Protectors, and her fascinating and beautiful flower mandala work. People frequently requested her as a speaker as she knows the real power of flowers and herbs. Her insightful books (international author) with her experience worldwide only enhances her abilities to reach and inspire people worldwide to embrace the world of flowers, herbs, fairies and Angels. Hearing her wisdom and seeing the beauty in her prayers offered through flowers and nature kingdom she creates a must attend event.
    Rev. Jacquelyn Sendak-Zavaleta
    Universal Church of the Masters (& formerly with First Church of the Angels)


  5. Raylene is my Soul Sister, Teacher, and Activator. She has inspired me and supported my deep growth as Priestess of the Goddess for close to 16 years now. She helped me to Re-member the holy Codes that are written everywhere. She opened my eyes, she cleared my ears, she ignited my trust, she lifted the Gate of my throat chakra, she is Mari, she is Morgen, she is Magdalene. She is Presence. She is Deva. She is Divine.

    Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland


  6. Raylene created the *most* gorgeous mandala for our wedding ~ it is pictured above with peacock feathers, roses, and gardenia. From inception to the ‘day of’ ~ Raylene made suggestions how to reflect the spirit of our union in the most authentic way. She guided us in such a way that the mandala was the perfect reflection of our union and our love. Her fairylike presence created a calm and cleared the energy for our ceremony ~ her fierce dragonlike being-ness brought the vibration of the room to a low hum ~ Raylene is a master at her craft, but as importantly, her heart sings with generosity and love.


  7. When Raylene was in Paris, during several years, I met Raylène each sunday, once a month, with my husband to have healing sessions, mandala and talks.
    Today, I still have in my heart the beauty and the peace of those past days !
    Still today, I feel in my cells the power of Raylène’s Presence and Capability of healing, specially with the flowers mandalas.

    Wow … I remember … the wonderful moment of beginning the day.

    Session after session, I had the experience of the power of this moment : make the choice of the flowers I will bring, give them to Raylène, who had so many others flowers ; and then, let it be … Let the hands take the flowers, put the knees down on the floor and arrange the flowers just as the heart, the hands, the inspiration, the intuition, the instinct … the Angels … wanted me to do. According with the work of the Others, also.
    Several years after, I feel in my body how it was powerful for my personal healing. At that moment, it was non conscient. Today, I see how it was true – “juste” as we say in french -, powerful and marvelous. My soul was there, the sweet chant of my soul … The flowers were talking to me, with their kindness – the kindness of Raylène -.
    So many thanks … So present still now in my body, my heart, my souvenir.
    With Love. Paule Paris, France


  8. Raylene abbott is a goldmine, a personn with authentic and accurate god given skills, always willing to share
    knowledge, time or wisdoms. As a french Chef, specialise in Botanic and Culinary and medicinal use of plant,
    she d been an invaluable ressource of both brilliant rational and extra sensitive connection with mother earth and Nature , where her
    uncommon visual spacial intelligence take differents inspirationnal creatives formes (Mandala, Sacred sites of France, Signs of Nature, Uses of Plants )
    I ‘m personally deeply thankful for the patience and compassionate approachs durings the individuals sessions, in which
    she could helped me resolve the most difficult case with crystal clear vision, authentic and accurate god given skills
    which takes into account our difficulties, obstacles and resistance .
    She s a contemporary Mystic with VIP Access to what is commonly hidden to us, connect with the spirit like
    a wandering muse of humility, power and grace .
    Raylene is A Rare radiant Golden roses in the misty winter of our today world, that one’s should’nt hesitate to call up if he want to invite beauty, radiance and changes into his life.
    I bow to You .

    Kevin Coquelle


  9. Raylene has had a profoundly positive influence on my life. We connected several years ago via a mutual friend on Facebook, and quickly discovered a mutual love of making Pilgrimages to the Churches and Shrines of the Feminine Divine; not only to pray for people, but also, to enjoy the energies present in these Holy places, and to download their teachings.

    Raylene has the purest heart of anyone I know. She has an exceptional ability to relate to the Divine in all Its forms, from the tiniest flower petal to the grandest Glory of God; a quality much needed in this time of false prophets and spiritual narcissists.

    I read her book ‘Between the Visions’ very soon after our meeting, and it became my bible. Finally, I had a reference point for my own experiences. Suddenly I could say that like here, I was a modern day Mystic, and I understood that was why I had never been able to find my place in the conventional Church, in worldly achievements, or in the spiritual marketplace of the New Age movement. I felt blessed to have met a true soul-friend who had walked this path before me, and who is still walking it; and who so generously shares her experience, insight and inspiration to all who walk this sacred path.

    I remember one of the first things Raylene said to me, is that she stopped praying for people to find sacred relationships, because they prayer always worked, and then they came back to her later, complaining, saying, ‘Is this how hard it is?!’ She said to me that meeting the Beloved is only the first step; as next comes the purification of aeons of karma, ancestral, personal, and universal….and that is where most people give up. Sacred relating is not all about bliss and ecstasy, whether with a human beloved, or with the Divine; as we have so many wounds and defence mechanisms. The Love that annihilates all falsity is not for the fainthearted, and yet for mystics, it is the only love there is. Without Raylene’s wise and balanced guidance, I too would have given up. She reminds me time and again to return to the empty, loving heart.

    Meeting Raylene has given me the permission to be the mystic I was born to be, and to embrace the elements of Christianity which called to me but which I had rejected as a child in the face of a brimstone Church which was completely at odds with what I knew of God from my mystical feeling. Three days after she prayed on me, a journey began which led me to completely change my life and move to France. Wiithout her prayers, her wisdom and her support, it is unlikely that I would have so willingly embraced the path which led me here to France.

    One of the first things I participated in upon meeting Raylene, was sending prayers to her friend Kevin in Paris, to be placed in the prayer box at the Cathedral of Notre Dame on Christmas eve. I could never have imagined that soon after, I would be living in France myself and becoming a Bishop in a Gnostic church.

    On Valentines Day, 2016, I was Consecrated as an Arch Bishop of the French Gnostic church of the Tres Secret Eglise Du Precieux Sang de La Rose et Croix, at a five hour ceremony in Montparnesse, Paris; almost three years to the day since we first prayed together.

    When I go to Mass in the 12th Century Church in my village, I always touch the Rose Petal Chaplet that Raylene sent to me, light a candle, and feel her presence her with me.

    It’s my dream to walk this sacred land with her beside me one day.

    In July of this year, the Gnostic Church which I am part of, shall hold a World Gnostic Council at the Castle de Mauriac in Toulouse. It is the first time a Gnostic council has been held in 600 years. It is dedicated to the memory of the murdered Cathars.

    It is thanks to Raylene and all her encouragement, that I was able to rejoin this sacred path.

    Sophia Mariamne (Amanda Caza Radcliffe)

    Arch-Bishop of the Tres Secrete Eglise Du Le Precieux Sang,


  10. Hello Raylene, it has been a few years since our beautiful trip to Egypt

    I am the one ( as you put it) with the chiseled features of an ancient pharaoh !

    I want to let you know i treasure our experience in the deepest and must sacred part of my hart and will always do.

    I will love to hear from you

    Eternal love



    • So nice to reconnect with you Juan…..may you be held in the folds of Guadalupe’s robe whose starry mantle protects this continent the same way the Goddess Nuit’s Starry Body protect Europe, Africa and Asia. These Star studded Goddesses are one and the same…


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