A listener of the wind. A singer of green psalms written on the forest floor. A student of heart softening. Finder of Wayside Shrines, Collector of Medieval Recipes. And some how with the Grace of God I became an Author of Books. A joke unto myself and a Awakener of the Dream. A wee woman who loves the stories of saints, nature spirits, Lover of Sacred Flora, Daily Water offerings, and treasures from my flower press. A Dyslexic Mystic, a Wandering Muse. A whisperer of prayers on crystal beads dangle from aging hands.

Raylene recent books are “A Mystics Journey to the Sacred Sites of France” and The Hidden Magdalene in the Tarot de Marseille and very soon a Book on Novenas.  Her book”L’Emergence de la Femme Divine”was published in France in 2006  This same book later was published in Italy, Turkey, Japan and in the USA as “Between the Visions. Other publications are “A Garden of Woman’s Wisdom” published by Halo Press 1995 and “The Garden Speaks” Video 1992 by Earth Alive Video.  E-books “Stories of the Fairy Godmother” and  “The Sacred Festivals of the Goddess” 2010


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