Raylene Ann Abbott’s spiritual training has spanned over the last 45 years and she received initiations by both Western and Eastern traditional teachers.  She has worked with Native American teachers for twelve years which gave her a deep connection with Mother Nature.  Her training also includes over 20 years of working with mantra meditation from many different traditions around the world.

She began to study the history of the Goddess and the Black Madonna in 1992 which open her path to living in France for 4 1/2 years where she was published. Her passion led her to traveling the pilgrimage route of the Black Madonna and Magdalene.  Raylenea is a mystical writer but her love of research and history offers a historical foundation to her writings. She writes about Sacred Flora, herbs and the healing the separation of Spirituality from Nature and Sexuality.

The year 2014 Raylenea was presented her ancestral genealogy of her Father’s lineage which goes back to the fourth century lineage of the Kings of France. She discovered that her bloodline can be traced back to the Merovingian Kings of France. They call this lineage the Rose-line Her newly found realization was that she had pilgrimaged, made offerings and written about her own ancestors. When she was traveling in Europe she had a gift of interpreting the heresy symbols found in the architecture of the church and also the old Marseille tarot.

She is a gifted artist and  poet. She has worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life and different cultures. Raylenea is a finder of ley-lines and gardener par-excellent. She has a talent of interpreting the symbols of Nature this maybe because she could not speak the English language properly until she was at least 8 years old. This wandering muse expresses herself through  her original art, poetry, writing and herbal wildcrafting.

Raylenea is an international author in spite that she has severe dyslexia. Her book was published in France in 2006 “L’Emergence de la Femme Divine” {The Emergence of the Divine Woman}. This same book later was published in Italy, Turkey, Japan and the USA as “Between the Visions. Her recent book “A Mystics Journey to the Sacred Sites of France” is newly in paperback. She is a published author of six different books.

She has been creating herbal remedies since the ‘70s, growing, wildcrafting, making cosmetics and crafting healing teas. Her childhood devotion to Mother Mary and Lady Guadalupe has inspired both her art and healing.


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