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A Dyslexic Mystic, self educated, with a devotion to the spiritual journey since I was 24 years old. And how does a Dyslexic Mystic become an international author by grace and a good editor. Raylene Abbott’s spiritual training has spanned over the last 30 years and she received initiations by both Western and Eastern traditional teachers. She has formed the essence of this training into teachings relevant for our contemporary world. These teachings recognize the need for balancing the masculine and feminine at this point in history. She is an international author. Her book In Between the Visions, available on, has been also published in France as L’Emergence de la Femme Divine (The Emergence of the Divine Woman). This same book is now also published in Italy, Turkey, and Japan. Mystic Journey to the Sacred Sites of France on paperback She also has ebooks available on Stories of the Fairy Godmother, Mystic's Journey to the Sacred Sites of France, and The Sacred Festivals of the Goddess. Raylene works with Sacred Flora, Healing Gardens, Earth Healing and Sacred Sites and creates international cyber pilgrimages four times a year. website